The pharmacy of the house

Genial Solver is an emerging brand in the world of Do-It-Yourself.
It was born as the answer to an important requirement, to solve and prevent the house problems. Its fiels of action covers the most important and dear place for everyone : the House.                                                                                       Its purpose is to meet the needs of all consumers and to reach all those who are not professionals, but who love the do-it-yourself and solve the problems by themselves.
The Genial Solver line of products includes a complete system of solutions and is distinguished both for the easy and clear utilisation of its products, and for the quality and technology of themselves.

  • Easy Application : thanks to a few but exhaustive instructions on the label of the product but also on the website, Genial Solver offers solutions that everyone is able to apply without being forced to turn to professionals.
  • Quality and Technology : the products line-up offers simple solutions, but with a high level of technology for all users.

Moulds, water leaks, spots, cracks on floors, rising damp, are the problems that often can afflict the houses. The various coatings, thermal paint, waterproofing sealant, are some of the immediate solutions that the Genial Solver line-up proposes to respond to these problems.
Favoring the easy application of the products and the clear and definitive answer to the various types of problems, Genial Solver wants to support and wants to be also the means that allow all consumers to become the "pharmacists of their home".