Transparent Water-Repellent

Colorless coating suitable for protecting absorbent walls made of  bricks, stone, cement, from rain water infiltrations. The product does  not modify the color of the wall, it protects from ice, it stops  humidity penetration and it allows the evporation of water present in  the wall.



    Roofs and facades.




    Quick drying

    It can be applied on every porous surfaces

    Average durability 5 years


    • Before applying the product the surface must be completely dry.
    • The tools ca be washed with white spirit.
    • Verify the final effect and proper operating conditions testing the product on a small area.

How can you use it?

  1. Clean the surface carefully (with cold water, if there is oil or grease use warm water or steam).
  2. Efflorescences and moulds must be removed.
  3. Fill-in any cracks with a cement based filler.
  1. Apply a first coat by brush or roll.
  2. If necessary apply a second coat.
  • After the application the surface cannot be painted.
  • Product studied to be the external wall coatingl.