Transparent Waterprofing

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Transparent coating suitable for waterproofing of already paved surfaces, for eliminating any infiltrations of water, acids, oils, steam, grease and mould between tiles, bricks and so on. To be used onto surfaces directly exposed to weathering agents.






    Quick drying.

    Stops water infiltrations, oils and steams.

    Suitable for every surface exposed to weathering agents.

    It can be applied in both summer and winter.

    Facilitates the cleaning of treated surfaces.

    It gives back shine to the surface.


    Do not dilute or mix with other liquids.

    Avoid application on non-absorbent surfaces.

    Verify the final effect and proper operating conditions testing the product on a small area.

    In this case of cracks or damaged areas, reapply the product.

    Tools can be washed with turpentine or nitro diluent.

How can you use it?

  1. Clean thoroughly the surface.
  2. Oils, greases, paints that contaminate the surface must be removed with low pressure water and a good detergent. In the most difficult cases it is recommended to use a specific solvent.
  3. Fill the gaps where necessary with a suitable filler.
  1. Mix thoroughly and apply the product on a dry surface.
  2. Apply a first coat by brush,or roll ensuring full coverage of the surface and minimum visible thickness.
  3. After 2 hours apply a second coat in order to ensure perfect waterproofing.
  • The work is completed, the treated surface does not need any finish and must not be covered with any other type of product.