Anti Mould Paint - Thermal Anti Condensation




Thermal Anti condensation is an interior anti mould paint that permanently solves mould growth. It is white, ready to use, highly breathable and non dangerous for health. It is water based, solvent free and 100% VOC free. Easy and quick to apply, it will definitively solve mould growth.


Cold surfaces can create condensation in your home. Think about when you boil water in your kitchen or the steam inside your bathroom after the shower. Condensation collects on cold surfaces and are prime spots for mould growth. Clean is not enough. One way to reduce condensation is to keep walls warmer.


Thermal Anti condensation acts at the root of mould growth: it eliminates mould because it prevents condensation! Its formulation based on volcanic dust keeps a wall warmer, preventing condensation and thus the favourable conditions for mould growth. A physical and not chemical solutions which will definitively solve the problem.


Thermal Anti condensation is easy and quick to apply by roll or brush, as a traditional interior paint. It is water baased and solvent free: non dangerous for health. Applicable to walls where there is mould. It dries quickly and suitable for any season.


Thermal Anti condensation is the ideal solution for any areas of high condensation and humidity such as kitchens, bathrooms, utility rooms, pantries, bedrooms, garages, cellars and basements. It can be applied onto painted walls and gypsum board. It is white but it can be painted over with any paint.



    Thermal Anti Condensation can be applied on to any kind of interior walls.

    Already painted walls, plasters, skim coats, plasterboards, metal are suitable surfaces where to apply Thermal Anti Condensation.


    It definitively solve mould growth!

    Keeping warmer walls it contributes to indoor wellness!

    It contributes to thermal insulation and energy saving.

    Suitable for any kind of walls and surface.

    It is a water based paint so it is non toxic for health.


    The surface must be solid, without water infiltration, saltpetre and efflorescence.

    The product must be applied at temperatures between +5°C and +35°C.

    Tools can be washed with water.

    The product is not suitable for exterior walls.

    If you have a surplus of material, please accurately close the bucket. In this way the product can be reused.


How can you use it?

  1. Before applying Thermal Anti Condensation you must remove mould. Clean all existing mould by washing the surface with a cloth soaked with water and bleach. A glass of bleach is sufficient for one litre of water. In this way you will clean the wall and eliminate all residual spores from the wall;
  2. Protect with plastic sheets or paper adhesive tape window and door frames or other items that may get dirty with Thermal Anti Condensation;
  3. Primer is not needed. Thermal Anti Condensation can be applied directly to the wall provided it is in good condition and there are not water infiltration;
  4. The product can be diluted with 10-15% of water.
  1. Thermal Anti-Condensation can be applied as a traditional paint, by brush, paste brush or roll;
  2. Apply a first coat by brush or roll taking care to completely cover the surface with mould;
  3. Apply a second coat of Thermal Anti-Condensation. Before applying the second coat verify if the first coat is superficially dry;
  4. To maximize the thermal effect of Thermal Anti-Condensation it is possible to apply a third coat. This last coat is necessary only if mould is particularly aggressive.
  • Thermal Anti Condensation is white and can be left exposed. The appearance is the same as a traditional interior paint.
  • Once Thermal Anti Condensation is completely dry, you can apply a coloured paint on top. Water based interior paints are recommended.
  • Thermal Anti Condensation can be tinted before the application with a universal water based pigments.